Car key

At Locksmith Star INC we can manufacture the key of your car or make a copy of it. We can program it if  its required with the latest technology in programming. Whether it is an electronic keys with “transponder”, smart key or keys without chip. We can do almost every car (depending on brand, year, and model) that uses a chip key, including keys with integrated remote control or pocket.


  • We also provide repair service for doors, locks, switches, and cylinders for cars
  • Our technicians can open your car if you left your keys inside, by being careful and without damaging your vehicle


You can call us and ask for the key you need at (831) 809 9027 or (831) 673 7977 and we will be happy to help you.


Prices vary depending on the model of the car, make, and year. Asks for the price before requesting the service