In recent years, the immobilizer system of the cars has been modernized. It used to only be a separate cylinder from the key.

Nowadays the automotive companies have added this system that is incorporated in the car with factory specifications that consists of eliminating the keychain incorporating a chip inside the key that emits a unique code for each car.

At Locksmith Star INC we offer the key programming service with chip. In cases were you lost the keys, theft, duplication or damage of the key.

We also offer the service of:

  • Keys with transponder chip programming
  • Smart keys programming
  • Immobilizer programming
  • Computer programming, airbag, boards
  • Programming by DUM


You can call to us and ask for the services you need at (831) 809 9027 or (831) 673 7977 and we will gladly help you.


Prices vary depending on the model of the car, brand, and year. Ask for the price before requesting the service.